Monday, October 05, 2009


Cameo - #1

On a train between Shinagawa and Kawasaki, an Italian Greyhound was sitting in a striped bag on the lap of a Japanese young lady. His name was Pierre. A dog with an identity crisis. She could have at least named him Giovanni. . . .or Taro.

Our cat was abandoned by his mother when we drove into the garage one night. The mother gave birth to the remainder of her litter under the hedge. We rescued the abandoned kitten, cleaned it, and wrapped it in a towel and drove to the drug store to buy an eye dropper to feed the newborn. The next morning we were able to get the mother to accept him. We named the kitten Traveler. Since he did not respond to the name, we thought he should have a name with more consonants. Even our vet said he would not respond to that name. We chose the name Buzz Aldrin. Buzzy does like his new name.
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