Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Has it really been that long?

It has been well over a month since my last post. All of my writing energies and the time when both children were sleeping (and I was not) were allocated to penning Christmas Cards and then the New Year's post cards that are traditionally sent here. I enjoyed the card exchange more than usual this year. Maybe it was because Mina had such fun checking the mailbox everyday. Maybe it was because we made a string of Christmas cards over the television in our living room and Toshi's mom saw it and then hung one in her house too. Maybe it was because I loved every picture enclosed of familiar smiling faces I see in person too rarely these days. Maybe it was because Mina decorated her own New Year's Cards this year and received more cards than either Toshi or I did. We have also been quite busy, which means I have several things to write about . . . it is just finding the time to sit at the computer. I write today to check in and let it be known that I have not abandoned the blog. I will be posting again in the very new future. First, I have to see to those thank you notes though!

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