Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Has it really been that long?

It has been well over a month since my last post. All of my writing energies and the time when both children were sleeping (and I was not) were allocated to penning Christmas Cards and then the New Year's post cards that are traditionally sent here. I enjoyed the card exchange more than usual this year. Maybe it was because Mina had such fun checking the mailbox everyday. Maybe it was because we made a string of Christmas cards over the television in our living room and Toshi's mom saw it and then hung one in her house too. Maybe it was because I loved every picture enclosed of familiar smiling faces I see in person too rarely these days. Maybe it was because Mina decorated her own New Year's Cards this year and received more cards than either Toshi or I did. We have also been quite busy, which means I have several things to write about . . . it is just finding the time to sit at the computer. I write today to check in and let it be known that I have not abandoned the blog. I will be posting again in the very new future. First, I have to see to those thank you notes though!

Hi Brenda,

Joe Pearson here.

Boy, has it been THREE months since I was in your neck of the woods? Time is tearing past.

Anyhow, I think back often with fond memories of my two day stay at the Tanakas. You and Toshi were terrific hosts, guides and very, very patient listeners. Heh.
And the kids! I could go on for hours about your offspring. One of the big highlights of my ten day trip to Japan were the mornings at your home and the mighty Mina and the formidable Sam tore happily around the house in full pre-breakfast frenzy. What great kids. And great parents. I think you both are doing a terrific job with them.

I never really wanted kids much, but watching yours at such close range has made me realize that I probably missed out.

Well, give my love to all of them, Mina, Sam and ah, um, you know...what's his name...Oh yeah! Toshi!

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