Sunday, May 07, 2006


Here We Go!

Why I am taking this on now is a bit of a puzzler. We are still adjusting to Mina's school schedule and Sam is entering one of those super needy, cry when I leave the room phases. For the moment they are seated in front of a video of English cartoons sharing a donut (that right there tells you plenty about just what kind of mother I am, but, come on, it's a Japanese donut, which means it is not particulary yummy, which means is can't be all that bad for you, right?) and in my meanderings on the net I somehow found myself here. I was reading an article on being a good mommy (which I am decidedly not) and one suggestion was to make sure you take time for yourself. Well, of course I jumped on that advice! I like to write. I haven't been writing. I am going to start writing again. The question is, will anyone be interested in reading what I write here? Maybe Aunt Jo will come see me now and again.

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