Thursday, May 07, 2009


That's My Boy . . .

Tomorrow Sam will have his first ever lunch box at school. He is very excited about this, so I thought I would give him some choice in the matter. I asked if he would like norimaki or onigiri in his obento. He answered, "mmmmm . . . . senbei." This is roughly the equivalent of asking someone if they would like mashed potatoes or baked potatoes with dinner and they respond "potato chips!" Norimaki is rice rolled around various fillings, covered in seaweed paper and cut into bite size cylinders. Onigiri are often called "riceballs" in English, but really, what image does that conjure? Rice is pressed into the shape of a triangle around some type of filling, such as salmon or a pickled plum and covered in nori (seaweed paper) to make an onigiri. Senbei are baked (or sometimes fried, naturally I prefer the fried ones) rice crackers. Somehow, I don't think the teacher would approve of a box full of rice crackers and yes, they do check. I have heard of mother's being called out for not providing enough variety, enough color, enough balance, enough cutesy inserts to make the lunchbox appealing . . . okay, I am kidding on that last one, but still. With Sam's first school lunch comes Mom's first morning at home on her own. Watch out! The Earth is going to shake!

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