Friday, December 12, 2008


Thankful for Thanksgiving

If Christmas is approaching too quickly for you, allow me to take you back to Thanksgiving. I always battle with myself over whether or not I am going to do Thanksgiving. This year the decision was taken out of my hands when a friend invited himself over for Thanksgiving dinner. I decided to make it a party and invited another family. So, we had three crazy Americans, two bewildered Japanese husbands and four wild Indians (read children ages 3-7). I ordered a turkey from FBC, my first turkey ever! When I told my mom it weighed 8 pounds, she told me that I didn't have a turkey, I had a big chicken. What can I say? I was more concerned about it fitting into my Japanese oven than I was about having enough to feed everyone. I started to stress about the delivery of the turkey. I feared it wouldn't defrost in time. I started to fret over the fact that I planned to cheat with instant mashed potatoes (oh my gosh they taste so good, I never knew, please don't tell my mother). I started to worry that my guests would not like my stuffing, that the turkey wouldn't cook, that I would run out of drinks, or someone would find a hair in their piece of pie. Then, once I started to make the stuffing and the smell of butter, onions, celery and sage started to fill my home, I relaxed, smiled and was grateful my friend decided we needed to have Thanksgiving. My mom sent seasonal napkins, confetti and other festive decorations. I used my Aunt's china that I brought back from the States last Christmas. Broke out the only item I ever had in my non-existent hope chest - Lenox crystal wine glasses and filled them with cola because none of us are drinkers! My friend brought her Waterford serving utensils for her vegetables and we pretended we were sophisticated grown ups. Then we proceeded to laugh so hard and so much that the kids told us we were being too loud and had better settle down. It was great. It felt great. It tasted great. And I hope it will become a great tradition.

That is so great! Hats off to you!
I love it when the kids tell us that our grownup laughter is TOO NOISY.
xoxo Caitlin
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