Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My Mother's Daughter

I was looking for the satisfaction of retail therapy and decided I would take advantage of the 25 percent off everything sale Eddie Bauer was having. They were also offering free shipping on orders over $100, so I couldn't pass it up, besides I think I am the only mom in the school who doesn't have tall boots to wear with her skirts in winter. I used to think tall boots were a fashion statement I didn't need to make when I lived in California, but now that I live somewhere where the temperature regularly drops low enough that you can see your own breathe, I realize they actually serve a purpose! I went through the entire process of adding the boots to shopping cart, entering in my addresses and then . . . THEN . . . the site would not let me enter in two promotion codes at one time. WHAT? So much for that shopper's high I was after, now I was ticked. I sent an e-mail to customer service and turned off my computer in a huff. The next morning, I had a reply waiting for me, stating that if I went ahead and placed the order, then e-mailed customer service with my order number, they would refund the shipping charges. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I hope the boots fit. Now, the above story might seem normal, but I really started to worry about myself this morning.

Sam and I took Mina to school, ran a few errands and had about 20 minutes before the department store opened and we could shop for a new umbrella to replace the one that had just broken in a gust of wind. Sam doesn't like Starbucks. We went to Mr. Donuts on Monday. McDonald's is a bit of a walk from the station and we were umbrella-less on a rainy day. I suggested to Sam that we try a new place. Tully's coffee shop. We get to the counter and I ask about children's drinks. The cashier apologizes, but they don't have any special drinks for children. I say fine and order a short orange juice for Sam. She rings it up and the register displays the price of 390 yen. Four dollars for orange juice?!?!?! Mind you, it was "Valencia Blood Orange Juice," but Sam is three, like he cares! Instead of sucking it up, I told the lady, "I am sorry, but 390 yen is too much to pay for a child's drink, we will go somewhere else." As we walked out the door, I thought to myself, "Oh my god, it has happened, I have officially turned into my mother."

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