Thursday, November 06, 2008


You Deserve a Break Today

When I first arrived in Japan, I was excited to discover an unfamiliar menu item at McDonald's. A Bacon Potato Pie. It was just like the Apples Pies, but filled with creamy potatoes and savory bacon bits instead. Yum. And in Japan, they still deep fry the pies. This thing was so good, I could not figure out why they didn't offer them in the States. Then one day, my new found friend just up and disappeared. Well, guess what?

"Now, Come Back! KARI KARI outside, TORORI inside ATSU ATSU mashed potatoes and tasty bacon. . . Good for your snack time!"

That is what is says on the pie sleeve and I can't say it any better. You have to count the simple pleasures in life.

So there you have it, the Autumn 2008 McDonald's Japan Update. . . reporting to you live with crumbs on my shirt.


Oh, have you tried the hot cinnamon roll had been ages since I went to McDonald's but, oh what a wonderful treat.
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