Saturday, August 23, 2008


Snip, Snip

The kids were in daycare, I had six entire hours to myself, what is a mother to do?!?!?! I thought I'd see a movie, but the choices were dismal. I considered getting a pedicure, but I just don't have $80 to blow on my toes. After an hour of mindless wandering downtown, I took a deep breath and decided to get my hair cut. Getting a hair cut in Japan is almost as nerve wracking at going to the doctor in Japan. I have had too many bad experiences. There was the lopsided blunt cut bob. The bangs cut too deep job. Then there was the last time I went for short hair and I was happy until the very end when the stylist took out a pair of thinning shears and in a matter of seconds turned me into a walking pom pom. For awhile I visited a friend's stylist. He was good, but we had trouble communicating and once when I told him that the last time he had given me more layers than I like, he actually sulked. Now, I am aware that the relationship between a woman and her stylist is a complex one, but I get enough moping from my children at home. So, where to get the deed done? There seem to be two hair salons on every street corner in Japan; I have no idea how they all stay in business, it isn't by giving good haircuts. Bad hair runs rampant in this country and it feeds my fear. Add to this the fact that I don't actually do anything with my hair and you can see why I have lived with the long, straight, all one length, natural color coif I have been sporting for the last three years. But this year, the stifling humidity of the Japanese summer got the better of me and I just had to cut it off. I was downtown, in a posh shopping center, with a high percentage of foreign visitors, like maybe 3%? I was hoping I could get a good cut by someone who had some experience handling gaijin locks. I checked the prices at a salon I have had my eye on for years (it is visible from the bookstore, how could I miss it). The cut would cost me less than the pedicure. Luckily they had a stylist available, even luckier still, he seemed to be able to understand my Japanese. Particularly the "NO THINNING SHEERS!!!" part. Oh wait, that isn't Japanese, nevertheless, he got it! I got a cut I am happy with and I might even go back to him again. Next time, highlights?!?!?!?

Love the new 'do. Looks super cute on you. :-)
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