Tuesday, May 20, 2008



California Pizza Kitchen is in Japan. I knew this, but I they are not conveniently located for me, so hadn't made the trip. One of the online groups I belong to decided to have a gathering there and that provided me with the reason I needed to hop onto a train. I dragged my dear friend with me, the two of us and four kids, on a mission. We arrived late and I ended up seated next to my friend (whom I talk to all the time) and the kids. So much for putting faces to the names on posts. When the Thai Chicken Pizza arrived, I took a bite, leaned over and whispered in my friend's ear, "I can't hear a thing anyone is saying and I don't even care! I am happy!" Now I am a maniac, telling everyone - we have to go! I have two lunch dates with mother's from Mina's school set up, my private student and I are planning to have a lesson at the restaurant soon and I am pretty sure that is where we will be headed to celebrate my birthday this summer. This might make it possible for me to survive the summer without that trip to California. If food is love, then true American food in Japan is unconditional love! On the train home, I said to my friend, "That was so good! We have to go again!" She replied, "what are you doing tomorrow?"


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