Sunday, November 12, 2006


A Week of Surprises

Monday - I discovered that Starbucks in Japan is offering a peppermint mocha on this years holiday menu! I am absolutely certain this is due to the comment card I filled out last year when I noticed it was not on the menu. I did not cry last year because I knew I could get one in the States while home for the holidays, but this year there will be no trip to CA for Christmas and I am counting every comfort. One!

Two for Tuesday - an exquisite hand stitched doll that fits in the palm of my hand dressed in Mina’s school uniform, one of the cutest things I have ever seen and the perfect stocking stuffer. Then lunch with a different set of moms. They were so easy going and funny; they did not speak in the stiff formal language that is so difficult for me to wrap my ears around. I was able to follow the conversation and even laugh with them.

Wednesday - Mina only has two and a half hours of school on Wednesdays, so Sam and I usually hang out at a nearby aquarium. Before the aquarium opens we take a walk along the beach. On this particular day, the skies were such a startling blue and so clear that the view of the bay was made even more beautiful by the majestic backdrop of the elusive Mt. Fuji. As I walked, I took in the scenery of the beach's golden curve of sand, gentle waves dotted with a few surfers, then Mt. Fuji, looming large, with a picture perfect dusting of snow on the peak.

Thursday - On Thursday, I started a great new book. How to be Lost by Amanda Eyre Ward. It is one of those titles that makes you fall asleep with the light on because you can not stop reading until your eyes close on you involuntarily. I am not going to write anymore about it because I really want to get back to it now!

Friday - Sam in day care. Kanji studies with a peppermint mocha. Lunch with a true friend. We were planning to go to Subway, but they were closed for renovation. We ended up stumbling upon a pretty good hamburger joint instead.

Saturday - A lazy, rainy day spent mostly in PJs. Lightening violently cracked so close to our house that I actually screamed and jumped back from the kitchen sink. Mina ran to the doorframe as if it were an earthquake! At least I know she has been listening to me!

Sunday - There was an International Festival in Kamakura with a local newsletter offering used English books for sale at 100 yen each (about 85 cents)!!!!!!!!!!! What a steal! I picked out ten paperbacks and practically skipped and whistled my way home.

Now it is time I got back to learning How to be Lost, so I can move on to my next literary adventure.

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