Sunday, November 26, 2006


Things I Love - #2

In addition to the Station Master saying “welcome home!” to us when we return on the subway, I have yet another reason to sing the praises of our station. We went out to dinner the other night (which in and of itself is something to write about). It had been cloudy all day, but our laundry dried. By the time we got back to our station it had started to rain and we were caught without umbrellas. This is not a problem though because our little station is just too cute. When it begins to rain suddenly or unexpectedly, they put out a stand of umbrellas for loan. If you need an umbrella, you take one and bring it back to the station the next time you come through. They even had a small one for Mina. I asked the ladies on one of the internet groups I belong to if the stations they live near do this too and only one person responded in the affirmative. See, I knew our station was special!

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