Tuesday, October 24, 2006


What I have been up to lately

1. Pretending to be a lady who lunches. I had lunch with the Mina's classmates' moms last week. We went to a little tiny Italian restaurant that sat the nine of us and one other table for two. Everyone ordered the course lunch, so I did the Japanese thing and ordered what they were ordering. It was a large meal of a salad plate, pasta course, meat course, dessert and coffee. The food was great and well, you pay for what you get. Lunch set me back about $35.00. I won't be doing that very often!

2. Pretending to be a writer. I have been meaning to contribute to the AFWJ (Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese) monthly journal for months now. This time around the topic is reading, so I may actually manage to send something. We will see if they actually print it.

3. Pretending to speak Japanese. My skills are experiencing a strange lapse. I have been having trouble communicating recently, trouble understanding people and making myself understood. I don't know what is going on, but I will muddle my way through and just as with my kanji studies, hope that it will one day click. One day soon would be nice.

4. Pretending to clean my house. We have a guest coming this weekend. It is always frightening to see your home through other peoples eyes, at least it is for me as I don't even pretend to be a good housekeeper! I have made an effort this week though, to make our home presentable. The person who is coming will probably read this and think, "she actually cleaned before I arrived? I'd hate to have seen it before that!"

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