Sunday, October 15, 2006


Things I Love - #1

Downey. It is the name of the new cafe I have discovered. It is near the major station on the way to Mina's school and I plan to become a regular. The shop is named after the Southern California city and claims to offer California cuisine. I had to try it out to see if their claim was true and it is!!! They offer wrap sandwiches and bagel sandwiches (billed on the menu as "bagle" sandwiches, you have got to love those endearing English errors) stuffed with fresh vegetables. I have been twice now, once having the avocado and shrimp "bagle" sandwich and on my second visit trying the teriyaki chicken wrap. YUM! The lunch set comes with a drink, a small dessert and your sandwich is served with two dollops of different salads, for about $12.00. If there is something a little off with the fact that my first entry in the "things I love about Japan" feature is a California style cafe well . . . that is just the way it is.

Downey - I lived there!

And one of your favorite actors - Robert DOWNEY Jr.

I saw his latest film "A Guide To Understanding Your Saints" - disappointment. Too much yelling at each other. And RDJ and Rosario Dawson are in it for about 15 minutes even though they get some of the top billing.

Is Downey cafe popular with the locals?
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